Peter Sinon: Heir to a cause

Peter Sinon
Heir to a cause

The Sinons form a political clan wedded to principles of the socialist party SPUP (later becoming the SPPF & Parti Lepep). Peterhails from a well-known political family wedded to the goals of the party (SPUP; SPPF & PARTI LEPEP) that has brought independence to and led Seychelles’ for the last 40 years.

Both his late father and mother were ministers at different periods of their respective careers. His career has provided a wealth professional experiences, starting as an economist in the Economic Planning he turned diplomat (High Commissioner for Seychelles in South Africa & SADC member countries). From there he found himself in Tunis at the top of the Executive of the African Development Bank (AfDB) after which he returned home to assume the post of Minster for Investments, Natural Resources and Industries (2010-2014).

At the end of his six-year contract with AfDB Peter is now at the ‘Maison du Peuple’ having assumed the post of Deputy Secretary General in his late parents political party – PARTI LEPEP.

He is married to Dr. Indra Persaud and they have one daughter Ms. Guyanne Jazz Rita SINON who is studying Social Science in the University College of London (UCL).

On my wedding day in Pretoria, South AFRICA

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