The Sinon Family

Peter is much what he is today because on his father’s side, the Sinons form a close-knit clan and many of his family members are prominent and well-known figures in the Seychelles society.

Father Guy Sinon

His father, Guy Sinon was bornin a mega family of 16 with 12 siblings that survived to be parents. He was however born to lead as he was graced with towering height and an imposing physique, with the gift of the gab. ‘Ton ‘Guy’ or Bwana Guy’, as he was often called later on in life, had the physique of his mission in life. Peter said that he once asked his father how early in life did he feel that things had to change and that he would qualify as his initial political enlightening.

Ton Guy’s reply was: “When I was a boy growing up in a rapidly-expanding, poor family in an ever smaller rustic house with every new birth, I was awakened on a rainy night by the rain water dripping in my ear from a leak in the thatched roof of our small house. I woke up looking around for another place to sleep, but I could not find one square inch as the family had all squashed into the tiny ‘payot’. Unable to go back to sleep my mind wandered to the grannkaz at La Plaine where one of my sisters worked as a domestic worker for a “Gran Blan”. It dawned on me then that there was so much dry and unused space in that house, that things were so unfair, that things cannot continue this way it is. That something had to be done to improve the circumstances of our lot. It was clear as day and night who they were.”

Guy Sinon started real-politics in Kenya where he met former President Albert Rene for the first time. He had just left the British Army and secured a job with Kenya Meat Commission. There he was attempting to organize a Union that would ask for better working conditions especially for the Kenyans who was getting a raw deal. His connection with Mr. Rene brought him back to Seychelles in the SPUP political party where he assumed the post of Secretary General of the party. He joined and was active in the struggle for Seychelles’ independence. Mr. Guy Sinon served as Cabinet Minister of Education under the coalition Government of former President Mancham and in multiple portfolios later under former President Albert Rene’s Government. He passed away in 1992 whilst Peter was at University.

The late Mr. Guy & Mrs. Rita SINON. Going out for the evening.

Peter’s Mum – Late Rita SINON and her family

Peter’s mother, Rita Sinon born in Kenya to two Seychellois parents came to Seychelles following her husband Guy who responded to a request from former President Rene to “come help me make the SPUP political party walk on its feet”. Her first employ in Seychelles was to be the secretary to the lawyer Mr. Rene before also getting involve in the struggle for independence.

She assumed various posts before Chairing the party’s Women’s League. Much later after the retirement of her husband as Minister she was made the first female Minister of the Republic of Seychelles with Home Affairs portfolio during the Rene’s era. From his mother’s side the Party also drew a lot of support. For instance, Peter’s maternal grand-father the famous ‘Kabeta’ and his family were for most of his life a staunch Party activist. However, this stance would swing later in his life especially after a converse with Party leader Albert Rene that did not go very well.

Mum meeting Saint Pope John-Paul II

Peter’s Aunt – Mrs Marie-Pierre Sinon-Lloyd

Peter’s aunt, Mrs. Marie-Pierre Sinon-Lloyd (Guy Sinon’s younger sister) was the first of the Sinon family to successfully meet the requirements of a very selective colonial education system to venture into tertiary education in University in UK, setting the example for the likes of Robert Gappy (nephew and Peter’s cousin) who despite his disability followed suit by braving the odds to study in Russia. Mrs Lloyd worked her way up in the public sector as a successfully graduated sociologist to eventually occupy the posts of Principal Secretary and Secretary of State. She was eventually appointed Minister for Health between 2013-2015. She is serving her country as the Seychelles High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

The former teacher, trade unionist, Chairman of the Constitutional Appointee Authority (CAA) and prominent lawyer France Bonte is Peter’s cousin, while former Branch Chairman. France is one of the longest serving member of Parti Lepep’s (the ruling party in Government) Central Committee member which the party’s highest decision making organ. The party’sapex decision-making body counts no less than 5 members of the Sinon family (the late Guy & Rita Sinon; Marie-Pierre Lloyd, France Bonte and Peter Sinon) as members of the Committee at different intervals.

In two districts of Mont Buxton and Pointe Larue respectively two popular and leading figures in the party’s Women’s and Youth League have been Mrs. Rita Gappy (another sister of Guy Sinon and Roberts late mum) brother Andre aka “Skell” Sinon. The latter is also known as a famous musician in. Both rose in the rank and file of the party to be elected as Members of the National Assembly in the one-party state Government of Mr. France and Albert Rene.

The latter and his younger brother George Sinon are famous musicians in Seychelles. Andre’s claim to fame in music goes back to the 1970’s as drummer and singer in the Band called “Hippies”. His popular song ‘Kas Makadanm’ is well liked. George ‘aka Fisher’ Sinon, formed part of the musical group “Bann Seselwa” and later formed the “Nou De” duo with the late Douglas Cedras. Their song ‘Ekri Souvan’ was one of their most popular songs. The two elder musician’s are being emulated by nephews Joseph and Dave Sinon (Peter’s cousins). They are prominent musicians in their own right in the present day local scenery.

Favorite Marie-Pierre Lloyd, former Minister of Health, Seychelles Ambassador to the United Kingdom and daughters Genevieve and Sarah.

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