Peter Sinon: Family

Peter Sinon - Family

  • The SPPF (Seychelles People’s Progressive Front) Central Committee in session at a political Seminar. Both Guy and Rita are present.
  • My dad at the Great Wall of China.
  • Mum meeting Saint Pope John-Paul II
  • My family with the founder of a free and liberated Seychelles – President France Albert Rene.
  • On my wedding day in Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Meeting and posing for a photo with the Legendary President Mandela with my wife Indra and daughter in the arms of Madiba Guyanne Sinon.
  • Favorite Marie-Pierre Lloyd, former Minister of Health, Seychelles Ambassador to the United Kingdom and daughters Genevieve and Sarah.
  • The late Mr. Guy & Mrs. Rita SINON. Going out for the evening.
  • The late Guy (then Minister of Foreign Affairs) & wife Rita in the company of Mr. Ralph Adam (then Ambassador to USA and UN) at the United Nations General Assembly representing Seychelles.
  • My princess – daughter Guyanne (Gigi) and I.
  • Extended Family: Includes grandma Mandou; Aunty Lloyd; Cousins Robert Gappy with Marcellin and Christopher Hoareau.
  • Intimate moment on our wedding day.
  • Aunt Marie-Pierre, Simblings, their partners and kids.
  • Aunt Marie-Pierre, Simblings, their partners and kids.
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